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Pics Photo Booth Party Specialists

We provide your guests with an outstanding photo booth experience. Unlike traditional photo booths, we bring your party out of the box by offering an Event Photo Studio, which can accommodate groups of up to a dozen to get their pictures taken. One or two people sitting in a booth always provides an intimate atmosphere, but our open-style photo booth is more practical when dealing with bigger events and a larger group of guests. You can think of it as a traditional two-person photo booth on steroids. More people = more fun! Sometimes, it is called a Crazy Booth because of the crazy fun times participants have.

We set up and operate a photo fun studio where you and your guests can blast getting fun pictures taken that they take home with them as souvenirs of the event. Your guests will receive one 2×6 print with four photos of different poses. Entertain your guests with the picture booth experience they deserve. It is an excellent way to add to the event’s festivities and provide guests with a party favor and memento. Engage us to enhance your event. Give your guests something to remember. They deserve it!

We are perfect for wedding receptions, corporate events, after prom,  project grad, or other social activities.

Unforgettable Memories for Every Occasion

At Pics Photo Booth, we specialize in creating unforgettable memories for various events. Whether you’re celebrating a lively graduation party, a joyous birthday bash, or any special occasion, our top-notch photo booth services are here to capture the magic.

Our Services

Party Photo Booth Delight

Our state-of-the-art party photo booth is designed to elevate the entertainment at your event. Capture the joy and excitement as your guests strike a pose, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Photo Booth Strips for Endless Fun

Experience the charm of photo booth strips, a timeless keepsake from your event. Our high-quality photo strips ensure that every moment is preserved in vivid detail.

Graduation Parties and Beyond

Celebrate academic achievements with a touch of flair! Our photo booth adds a playful element to graduation parties, capturing the joy of accomplishment in each frame.

Birthday Parties Made Extra Special

Make your birthday celebrations truly special with PicsPhotoBooth. From candid moments to group shots, our photo booth is the perfect addition to any birthday festivity.

High-Quality Photo Booth Picture Frame

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality photo booth experiences. Each picture is a masterpiece; our templates complement the quality, adding elegance to your memories.

Creating Photos, Capturing Moments

At Pics Photo Booth, we go beyond just taking photos. We are dedicated to creating moments that resonate with joy and happiness. Let us be a part of your special day, creating memories you’ll treasure forever.

Photo Booth Props for Playful Poses

Add a dash of fun to your pictures with our assortment of photo booth props. From quirky hats to silly glasses, our props guarantee laughter and lighthearted moments.

Why Choose Pics Photo Booth?

  • Unrivaled Quality: Our commitment to high-quality images ensures that every moment is captured beautifully.
  • Professional Service: Our experienced team is dedicated to making your event memorable, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience.
  • Customizable Packages: Tailor our services to suit your event needs. We offer packages that cater to various occasions and preferences.

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With our Speedy printing, there’s virtually no wait time so that guests can pick up prints right outside the photo booths.

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Lab Quality Photos

Water-resistant prints that can last up to 100 years! We use printers powered by dye-sublimation technology for professional-quality color prints that you can gaze at throughout a lifetime.

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Red Carpet Treatment


To us, you are royalty. And that VIP treatment extends to your guests. So go ahead and pose like a celebrity because, at Pics Photo Booth, you are regarded like one.

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Custom Themes


Throw in your preferred motif, or ask us for recommendations based on your occasion.

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Crazy Props



Exaggerate the fun with the free usage of funny hats, big and silly shades, colorful wigs, and character mustaches.

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Pics Photo Booth Party Specialists


Get friendly on-site assistance from our professional specialists.

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Pics Photo Booth: Capturing Memories One Snap at a Time

In the age of digital photography and smartphone cameras, the allure of the traditional photo booth endures as a delightful and nostalgic experience for people of all ages.

Pics Photo Booth is a contemporary take on this classic concept, offering an exciting and engaging way to capture memories, share moments, and create lasting mementos.

Modern Technology Meets Old-School Fun

While Pics Photo Booth retains the beloved features of classic photo booths, it combines them with modern technology to enhance the experience. Many Pics Photo Booths are equipped with high-resolution cameras and various filters, backdrops, and digital props that allow you to customize your photos to match the theme of your event. These technological upgrades make the photo booth experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Pics Photo Booth is incredibly versatile and can be a fantastic addition to various events and celebrations. Here are just a few examples:

  • Weddings: Add an extra layer of entertainment to your special day by providing a Pics Photo Booth for your guests. It’s a beautiful way to capture candid moments; instant prints can be wedding favors.
  • Corporate Events: Whether a product launch, company party, or team-building event, a Pics Photo Booth can break the ice and promote engagement among attendees.
  • Birthday Parties: Children and adults love the notion of a photo booth, making it a great addition to birthday celebrations.
  • Festivals and Fairs: Photo booths are popular at outdoor events, offering attendees a memorable way to capture the moment.

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Welcome to PicsPhotoBooth!

At PicsPhotoBooth, we believe in capturing moments that last a lifetime. We’re a passionate team of photography enthusiasts dedicated to adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to your events.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide top-notch, customizable photo booth experiences that leave you with memories to cherish. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday bash, a corporate event, or any special occasion, we’re here to make it memorable.

Why Choose PicsPhotoBooth?

Professional Service: With years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to deliver a seamless, hassle-free experience. Our team handles everything with precision and professionalism, from set up to tear down.

Customizable Options: We understand that every event is unique. That’s why we offer a range of customizable options, from personalized backdrops and props to custom photo templates, ensuring your event reflects your style.


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“PicsPhotobooth delivers exceptional photo experiences—high-quality prints, user-friendly interface, and creative options make it a standout choice.”.